The most advanced facilities would mean nothing without the ability to empathise with the animals under our care. Its really important to us that we do the right thing for your pet and this means discussing every step of diagnosis and treatment with you before embarking on it. Pets are individuals and what's right for one is not necessarily right for another. We want you to understand the problem your pet is having and how we're trying to fix it. vets muswell hill


We will always treat animals under our care with love and respect, with biscuits and a chin scratch.

Passports & Travel Abroad

We can issue you with a PET passport or export health certificates​ here at the practice. Both vets are Official Government approved veterinarians capable of issuing these documents.

For EU pet passports we offer a 1 hour premium service for those who need eveything handled quickly. The premium service is an additional £50.


Your pet will require a microchip and rabies vaccination both of which can be administered at the time of your appointment.

Further information available at

Soft Tissue & Orthopaedic Surgery

We are able to offer a large range of surgical procedures at the Arc.  Every patient undergoing surgery receives hospital level veterinary care. We have modern surgical facilities and pride ourselves in offering gold standard anaesthesia and detailed patient monitoring. 

Advanced Surgical Procedures

Our visiting advanced practitioner James Creasey BVSc MRCVS is a Small Animal Surgery certificate holder. This means we are able to offer advanced surgical techniques on site with out the need for referral to distant hospitals. This also helps to keep the costs down.


James performs various Cruciate Ligament repair techniques (see below) with the complete package including the surgery, implants, post-op checks, Xrays and medications from £3200.


Other fixed price packages include Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome corrective surgery for Pugs, French Bull Dogs etc. with difficulty breathing.  He enjoys all aspects of soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery, but has particular interests in arthroscopy, the management of complex trauma cases, ENT and laparoscopic surgery.  


Keyhole Surgery


We have the facilites and expertise to be able to offer our clients keyhole neutering. This procedure involves removing a dog's ovaries via two small (5mm) incisions. A laparoscope (camera) is used to visualise the organs and an electrocautery device seals the blood vessels and dissects the attachments.


Dogs experience less pain with this procedure compared to a standard ovario-hysterectomy and have a shorter post operative recovery of 1 day restricted exercise compared to 7. 


If you want to know whether keyhole neutering would be the kinder choice for your dog please phone the surgery where one of our team will be happy to discuss the procedure with you.

Cryptorchid Castration


One of the best examples of the advantages of Keyhole surgery is in cryptorchid castrations.  This is a condition where one of the dogs testicles fails to descend into their scrotum during early development.

If the undescended testicle is left in the abdomen it will become cancerous.  In practices without keyhole equipment the procedure to remove this abdominal testicle is by open surgery and because its hard to know exactly where the testicle might be hiding, a large incision is necessary to find it (wide enough to fit the surgeons hand).


With keyhole only two 5 millimeter holes are necessary to locate and remove the testicle.  The recovery from the surgery is therefore 24 hours instead of 14 days. 

In House Laboratory


Arc vets has invested in the latest in house blood test equipment by Fujifilm which means our clients not only receive fantastic value diagnostics but the results are available with in 1 hour.


As well as blood tests we can perform in house urinalysis (urine tests), ECG (electro-cardiogram), Blood pressure measurements and microscopic anlysis of parasites, bacteria and blood smears.

Digital Xray


X-ray is a vital diagnostic tool in the investigation of disease and also in the screening of healthy animals. 


Much like digital photography, digital radiography removes the need for processing of films and means that X-ray images are instantly available for examination by our vets and visible on computer screens within the practice.


Advantages include:

• Lower exposure means that procedure is safer for pets
• Superior image quality
• Perfect images can be more easily obtained in one go – making accurate diagnosis quicker
• More environmentally friendly as no need for chemicals
• Images can be stored and retrieved more easily
• Images can be transferred between vets and with specialists anywhere around the world for second opinions



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