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Services & Prices


Our Services

The most advanced facilities would mean nothing without the ability to empathise with the animals under our care. It's really important to us that we do the right thing for your pet and this means discussing every step of diagnosis and treatment with you before embarking on it. Pets are individuals and what's right for one is not necessarily right for another. We want you to understand the problem your pet is having and how we're trying to fix it.


We will always treat animals under our care with love and respect, with biscuits and a chin scratch.


Our Prices

Veterinary pricing is usually a bit opaque, we've tried to make a really clear pricing structure so there aren't any nasty surprises. The underlying principle is that we charge for our time and skills and don't charge a mark up on medicines and items. This means we sell our medicines at the price we get them from our wholesaler plus VAT. 


  • Prescription Only Medicines (POM-V) are charged at cost price plus a £15.0 dispensing fee.

  • Non Prescription  Medicines (NFA-VPS, AVM-GSL) are charged at cost price plus a £6 dispensing fee.

If you can find drugs cheaper online just ask us for a prescription and we will happily write you one. (Prescription fee - £15).


We would issue caution when looking for drugs online and recommend you use either a GPhC Registered Internet Pharmacy or a VMD Accredited Internet Retailer. We can write a 6 month prescription for some drugs but only 3 months or less for other more controlled or dangerous ones..

We will provide you with a written estimate for any diagnostic or therapeutic procedure, we will only exceed these estimates if it is critical for your animal's health that we do so and you are not contactable at the time.

Updated pricelist pending..
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