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We never want money to be an issue should your pet require treatment but there is also no doubt that the provision of high-quality veterinary care can be costly. We hope your pet stays in good health but, ask yourself, could you afford an unexpected veterinary bill of £2000?

In the absence of a Pet National Health Service, lifelong pet insurance may offer the best solution for pet owners. It is for this reason we suggest all our clients take out a good quality pet insurance product.

We are a Vetsure-accredited practice and, as such, promote the Vetsure range of pet insurance products. As a recognised practice we benefit from active communication channels with the Vetsure team

This means that we can obtain pre-authorisation prior to starting treatment and can help make the claim process as easy as possible.

We promote Vetsure Pet Insurance® because...


                        A lifetime of care for your companion. 

                       The treatment benefits on all Vetsure policies recharge                           every year for each condition – meaning that ongoing                             conditions like diabetes and arthritis will continue to be                           covered.

                       An unlimited number of conditions covered

                       With Vetsure, you can claim against an unlimited                                     number of unrelated conditions per year. You just                                     choose the level of cover you want per condition.

                       Hassle-free claims

                       You only pay the excess once per condition and we                                 guarantee to offer direct claims so you’re not out of                                 pocket. Claims are handled digitally so they can be                                 settled within hours.

Get 5 Weeks' Free*!

Furthermore, as a fully accredited Vetsure practice we can offer our clients 5 weeks cover free of charge. Simply choose whichever level of cover you are interested in taking out and get the first 5 weeks free. If you’re happy, your cover will continue seamlessly!


To activate your 5 Weeks’ Free cover online, click the button below or you can call the friendly team at Vetsure on 0800 050 2022.

For more information about Vetsure Pet Insurance - or to obtain a quote or call 0800 050 20 22.


*you must contact Vetsure to activate your cover. Cover for accidents starts immediately once your free trial has been activated. There is a 14 day ‘waiting period’ for illness conditions – meaning illness conditions occurring or showing clinical signs during this period will be excluded.

Image by Paul Hanaoka
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