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Tick Advice from Arc Vets

Ticks found on 33% of UK Dogs

Most of you will have woken up today to have read and heard lots of publicity regarding Ticks. This is because Bristol University have just published the long awaited findings of their Big Tick Project.

Arc Vets actively participated in the study by submitting ticks found on some of the dogs under our care to Bristol, as well as logging the details of where and when they were found.

Their results show that in both urban and rural areas about a third of dogs are carrying ticks. This is a much higher figure than most of us expected and is a big concern because ticks spread nasty viral & bacterial infections, in particular Lyme disease, to both pets and humans.

Advice from Dr Will @ Arc Vets

Our advice to our clients is this: continue using Advocate every month but also add in a Bravecto tablet every 3 months.

Advocate still covers the majority of parasites in the UK; roundworm, fleas, mites, lungworm & lice. Bravecto is a tablet that is very effective against ticks and once ingested offers protection against them for 3 months. Because its a new drug and last a full 3 months the tablet itself costs around £20 (so make sure they swallow it!). This cost is the same as a 3 month supply of Advocate and as always at the Arc we sell it at cost price so its as cheap as it gets.

For more information or specific advice for your pet please call the practice on 0208 4449006

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